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Social Experiment Video: Blindly Following


This video is a bit hilarious, but shows that even today we aren’t as evolved as we think.  People are are walking down the street, going through their day while their guard is down, and fall into blindly obeying authority.  This type of behavior has been shown years ago first documented by Dr. Milgram.  Google “The Milgram Experiment” to see more. Or here http://cnr.berkeley.edu/ucce50/ag-labor/7article/article35.htm.  To get out of this heard type thinking, and wake up from the Matrix; I had to do a lot of studying and reading.  I turned off the TV, facebook and dedicated every waking moment to educating myself.  Much of what is taught in school is archaic and not practical theory.  Material that is taught in business school is not practical at all.  Many of our college interns at my firm are racking up 25% percent gains a month in our clients portfolios, and know more than their economics professors.  One college student I know told me that his econ. professor is telling his class that the real estate market is a better investment than the capital markets.  Completely absurd.  The housing market is below depression levels while interest rates remain flat.  Banks still have a ton of foreclosures on their books that they report to release onto the housing market.  More supply and less deman equals falling prices.  The law of supply and demand.  I know they teach that in school, but some professors don’t seem to know how to apply it.  But I digress.  Anyways, just something to think about.


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